Top 10 (23/10) Price Analysis: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BNB, LINK, DOT, LTC, ADA, BSV

Bitcoin is showing signs of profit, resulting in a slight drop in altcoin prices.

PayPal’s crypto announcement acted as a trigger that took the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to a new record of 52 weeks. During these news based events, traders holding short positions are caught off guard and are forced to cover their trades, resulting in the kind of squeeze seen during the October 21st high.

However, after this initial rally, the next leg of the bullish trend is only possible if demand increases and bulls continue buying at higher levels.

Data from the Huobi exchange suggest that professional traders are not convinced that the current bullish trend justifies the opening of long positions and Cointelegraph contributor Marcel Pechman explained that this could be a sign of weakness.

On the other hand, the number of open contracts on CME Bitcoin futures shows a different picture. WEC has now become the second largest Bitcoin futures exchange in terms of open contracts, losing only to OKEx. This suggests that institutional demand may be increasing.

This opposite set of Bitcoin futures exchange data only increases the confusion among traders about the next possible move.

Let’s go deeper into traders‘ psychology for a better understanding. Institutional investors rarely buy for fear of losing the bullish pack.

These big traders can wait for the bullishness to sustain and complete a new successful test of the breakout level before buying.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 cryptomaps to determine what the technical indicators project.


The Bitcoin (BTC) managed a leak and closed above the US$12,460 resistance on October 21. This move helped cryptomoeda reach a new high of 52 weeks, which is a sign of strength.

The exponential 20-day moving average (US$11,679) is rising and the simple 50-day moving average (US$10,943) has also begun to rise. This shows that both the short and medium term trend favour bulls.

However, the rise above US$13,000 pushed the relative strength index to close to 81, a level that attracted profit reserves the last two times it was hit.

The BTC/USD pair faces sales above US$ 13,000, but the bulls do not seem to be in a hurry to close their positions. If the pair does not fall below $12,460 in the next few days, it will increase the possibility of a bullish run to $14,000.

On the contrary, if bears can pull the price below the $12,460-12,050 support zone, this will suggest a lack of demand at higher levels. This move will suggest that the current leak was a bear trap.


Ether (ETH) had a leak and closed above US$395 on October 22. This move completed the upward triangle pattern, which targets US$478.

The 20-day MME on the rise (US$377) and the RSI on positive territory suggest that the bulls are in the lead.

However, bears are currently trying to pull the price back below the $395 escape level. If they are successful, this will signal that the current escape was false. The next support on the downside is the bullish trend line.

On the other hand, if the ETH/USD pair recovers from $395, this will suggest that the breakout is valid. The uptrend may gain momentum after the bulls push the price above $421.


The XRP tried to rise above the US$0.2295-0.26 range on Oct. 21, but the bulls failed to close the price above US$0.26. This suggests a shortage of buyers at higher levels.

The failure of the XRP/USD pair to move out of the range could have attracted profit reserves. If the price falls below moving averages, this will suggest that the range-limited stock will likely extend for a few more days.

Contrary to this assumption, if the price hits the 20-day MME ($0.24), the bulls will again try to drive the pair above the $0.26–0.265763 resistance zone.

A break and close (UTC time) above the resistance zone will complete an inverted head and shoulders pattern that may signal the beginning of a new uptrend with a target of US$0.30.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is facing the sale close to overall resistance of US$ 280. This shows that the bears are trying to keep the price below this level. If they succeed, a fall to the 20-day MME ($247) is possible.

However, the MME’s upward slope of 20 days and the RSI near the oversold zone suggest that the path of least resistance is up.

If bulls can push the price above US$280, a move to US$300 is possible. This level may act as resistance, but if bulls can push the price above it, the BCH/USD pair may resume the uptrend and reach $326.30-US$337.90.

This optimistic view will be invalidated if the pair falls from current levels and breaks below the critical support of $242.


The Binance Coin (BNB) had a leak above the downward trend line on 22 October. This suggests that the correction may be over. Rising moving averages and RSI above 56 suggest the bulls are in the lead.

If bulls can push the price above $31.9798, a further test of the 52-week high at $33.3888 is possible. A breakout and closure above this level may resume the uptrend that could challenge the all-time high at $39,5941.

This optimistic view will be invalidated if the price continues to fall from current levels and drops below US$28.50. Such a move could initiate a deeper correction to $22.


The Chainlink (LINK) completed a rising triangle pattern when it broke and closed above US$11,8028 on October 22. The goal of this upward configuration is $15.

The MME’s 20-day gradual slope ($10.71) and RSI above 57 suggest that the bulls are in the lead.

However, bears are not willing to allow bulls to do what they want. They are currently trying to drag the price back below the $11,199-11,8028 support zone. If they can do that, it will suggest that the current escape was a bull trap.

On the other hand, if the bears can’t sustain the price below the support zone, it will indicate that the bulls are piling up in casualties. This could increase the possibility of a high to $13.28 or more.


The Polkadot (DOT) closed above the 20-day MME (US$4.17) on October 22. The bulls will now try to push the price above the overload resistance by US$4.6112. A close above this resistance could push the price to $5.5899.

The 20-day MME has stabilised and the RSI has risen above 50 levels for the first time in over a month. This suggests that selling pressure has reduced and the bulls are trying to make a comeback.

However, if the price drops below the 20-day MME again, the DOT/USD pair may extend its stay within the range for a few more days. The pair may go negative if the bears sink the pair below the critical support of $3.5321.


Litecoin (LTC) completed an inverse head and shoulders pattern when it burst and closed above the US$51-52.36 resistance zone. The standard target of this high reversal configuration is $61.

The rising 20-day MME (US$49) and RSI near the overbought zone suggest that the bulls are in control.

However, after the initial increase, the price can test the escape zone again at US$51- 52.36. If the bulls buy the dive for this zone and the price rebounds sharply, this will suggest that the zone may act as a floor in the future.

This optimistic view will be invalidated if the bears drag and keep the LTC/USD pair below $51. This move will suggest that the current escape was a bull trap.


The Cardano (ADA) has been trading within a growing wedge pattern in recent days. The bulls failed to push the price above the immediate resistance at US$ 0.1142241, which shows a lack of demand at higher levels.

The rising wedge is generally considered to be a low setting. The pattern will be completed when the price drops and closes below the wedge support line. Such a move could drag the price to $0.090 and then to $0.0755701.

However, the 20-day MME rising ($0.10) and the RSI in the positive zone suggest a small advantage for the bulls. If buyers can push the price above the wedge, the ADA/USD pair may initiate a bullish move that could reach $0.01445.


The Bitcoin SV (BSV) has formed a symmetrical triangle pattern, showing indecision between bulls and bears. Although the bulls pushed the price above the triangle on October 22nd, they could not sustain the higher levels.

The price has dropped from the bearish trend line and the bears will now try to sink the BSV/USD pair to the triangle’s bullish trend line. If this support breaks, a drop to $146.20 is possible.

On the other hand, if the pair recovers from the uptrend line, the bulls will again try to push the price above the triangle. If they succeed, a rise to $180.63 and then $227 may be expected.

Binance trades $306 billion in one quarter

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $11,742.28. That’s 2.19% more than 24 hours ago. If you want to buy bitcoin for $100 now, you will get about 0.0085 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $217,492,565,059.00 with a circulation of 18,522,175 BTC.

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Bitcoin (BTC) minus again a bit more difficult: +3.6%

The so-called difficulty level for the minus of Bitcoin (BTC) has risen again. By 3.6% to be exact.

Miners send computing power to the Bitcoin network to find the next block. This leads to a continuous growth of this hashrate. As a result, the level of difficulty also increases.

The difficulty level adjusts every ~2 weeks based on the previous 2016 blocks. Last Saturday afternoon the difficulty rate was adjusted again.

This mechanism ensures that a new block is found every ~10 minutes. As soon as more computing power goes to the network, the difficulty increases.

Once the hashrate, the difficulty rate calibrates to a lower number. Glassnode’s graph below shows an increase of the yellow line.

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Binance traded $306 billion in quarter three, a record

Binance has done good business in quarter three of 2020. The Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange traded for $306 billion in the months of July, August and September.

According to an analysis by The Block Crypto, the exchange has grown considerably. It means that the exchange from Malta is processing market share in the highly competitive spot market.

Compared to quarter two, there is a growth of 110%. In absolute terms, from $ 146.3 billion to $ 306.6 billion. Earlier research already showed that Binance is currently market leader.

In August, CEO Changpeng Zhao sighed that it was „busier than during the 2017 hype“.
IMF calls for new ‚Bretton Woods‘, will it be Bitcoin versus fiat?

Governments need to work more together to save the world economy from the current corona crisis. This is what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is arguing for.

They even make an explicit reference to the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944, the start of the dollar as a world reserve currency.

Is history going to repeat itself? And what role can Bitcoin play?

Governments need to work more together to save the world economy from the current corona crisis. This is what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) argues for.

They even make an explicit reference to the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, the start of the dollar as a world reserve currency.

Is history going to repeat itself? And what role can Bitcoin play?


150.000 Mt. A Gox Bitcoin não vai acionar uma correção tão cedo

150.000 BTC do agora extinto Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox provavelmente não chegará aos mercados tão cedo.

Há uma especulação crescente de que 150.000 Bitcoin (BTC) do administrador do Mt. Gox poderiam se mudar em 15 de outubro. Mas muitos fatores sugerem que isso é altamente improvável, dados os registros passados.

Entre 2011 e 2013, o Mt. Gox perdeu 850.000 BTC no maior ataque de hacking da história do Bitcoin. O fiduciário tem alegadamente 150.000 BTC para pagar os usuários que perderam seus fundos devido à quebra.

No entanto, há muitos obstáculos a serem enfrentados antes que os reembolsos possam ser emitidos. O processo de reembolso tem sido continuamente atrasado desde 2019, e os reembolsos provavelmente não acontecerão tão cedo.

Por que há uma súbita especulação sobre os 150.000 Mt. Gox BTC em movimento?

Em 30 de junho, o administrador do Mt. Gox divulgou uma declaração no site oficial do O curador, encarregado de redistribuir os fundos aos antigos usuários, disse que o Tribunal Distrital de Tóquio concedeu uma prorrogação do prazo até 15 de outubro. O documento foi lido:

„Em face do exposto, o curador de Reabilitação apresentou uma moção para solicitar uma prorrogação do prazo de apresentação do plano de reabilitação no Tribunal Distrital de Tóquio e, em 30 de junho de 2020, o Tribunal Distrital de Tóquio emitiu uma ordem para prorrogar o prazo de apresentação do plano de reabilitação até 15 de outubro de 2020“.

Com base neste documento, alguns investidores sugeriram que isso poderia causar a movimentação de 150.000 BTC, potencialmente agitando o mercado.

Mas há duas razões fundamentais para que o curador não movesse a Bitcoin a curto prazo.

Primeiro, a prorrogação diz respeito à apresentação do plano de reabilitação, não ao reembolso do Crypto Genius. Simplificando, o prazo de 15 de outubro é para o fiduciário apresentar um plano, não para reembolsar investidores.

Em segundo lugar, o agente fiduciário tem continuamente solicitado prorrogações ao longo do ano passado. Uma declaração idêntica foi apresentada em março de 2020 e em abril de 2019, e foram concedidas prorrogações de prazo.

O dia 15 de outubro não é o prazo real para reembolsos de usuários e o fiduciário atrasou o processo várias vezes no passado. Com base nestes dois fatores, é seguro presumir que os 150.000 BTC do fiduciário do Mt. Gox não atingirão os mercados a curto prazo.

O Bitcoin permanece resistente apesar dos eventos negativos

Na semana passada, a Bitcoin enfrentou inúmeros eventos negativos que exerceram uma pressão de venda significativa sobre a BTC.

Em 1º de outubro, a acusação do CFTC dos Estados Unidos contra a BitMEX imediatamente fez com que a Bitcoin recuasse mais de 5%, enquanto 24 horas depois, o presidente dos EUA, Donald Trump, contratou a COVID-19, fazendo com que a maioria das classes de ativos, incluindo a BTC, corrigisse.

Apesar dos eventos pessimistas consecutivos, a Bitcoin demonstrou uma resistência surpreendente durante todo o mês de outubro. O BTC ainda permanece acima de US$ 10.500, um nível de preços que atuou como uma área crítica de apoio desde agosto.

A médio e longo prazo, o analista da cadeia Willy Woo disse que as perspectivas de mercado da Bitcoin continuam positivas. Ele disse:

The Care Bears, Roger Ver en Tesla shenanigans: slecht crypto-nieuws van de week

Bekijk de Bad Crypto-podcast van deze week.

Terwijl Bitcoin onder het plafond van $ 12.000 blijft, kunt u kiezen uit toekomstige prijsvoorspellingen. De Winklevoss Brothers zeggen dat de munt $ 500.000 en misschien zelfs $ 600.000 zal bereiken als regeringen het in hun valutareserves gaan opnemen. De tweeling had geen datum voor die voorspelling, maar Ecoinometrics, een data-analysebedrijf, denkt dat het post-halveringspatroon wijst op een prijs van $ 41.000 voor het einde van het jaar. Bitcoin Code zal dan half april zes cijfers halen , zeggen ze. Of neem het advies van Max Keizer.

De RT-gastheer ziet de recente investeringen van Warren Buffett in Japan als een teken dat de wijze van Omaha geen dollars meer heeft. Bitcoin, zegt hij, zal binnenkort recordhoogtes zien

Buffett heeft Bitcoin zelf „rattengif in het kwadraat“ genoemd, maar hij is niet de enige die sceptisch staat tegenover digitale valuta. Gebruikers op Reddit hebben een thread ontdekt met de reactie op de eerste berichten van Satoshi . Het lijkt erop dat niemand het leuk vond … behalve Hal Finney.

Roger Ver denkt nu hetzelfde over Bitcoin ABC . De nieuwe Bitcoin Cash-vork wil een „coinbase-regel“ implementeren die 8 procent van de nieuwe Bitcoin Cash naar een ontwikkelingsfonds zou verplaatsen. De vraag is wie de naam Bitcoin Cash mag behouden. Ver wil zeker weten dat het geen ABC is.

In vriendelijker nieuws, de Indiase uitwisseling CoinDCX zal een online training en blockchain-certificeringcursus houden . Het bedrijf hoopt 50 miljoen gebruikers in India te bereiken. Portbase, een leverancier van logistieke oplossingen, heeft de eerste fase van de integratie met het blockchain-platform Tradelens voltooid. De bedrijven gaan de bedrijfsvoering en processen voor havens in Amsterdam en Rotterdam beheren. En Spartan Black, een Aziatisch cryptocurrency-fonds, ziet goede dingen in petto voor Polkadot . De prijs van de DOT van het nieuwe protocol is binnen acht dagen na lancering met 200 procent gestegen en analisten denken dat het nog een weg te gaan heeft. Het protocol schaalt snel, kost minder dan Ethereum en is gemaakt door Gavin Wood, die verantwoordelijk was voor een groot deel van de ontwikkeling van Ethereum.

Polkadot is niet het enige blockchain-protocol dat in de toekomst nuttig kan zijn

FinID is een Braziliaans project ontwikkeld door CPqD, een telecommunicatieonderzoeks- en ontwikkelingscentrum. Het project heeft tot doel de blockchain te gebruiken om soevereine, gedecentraliseerde digitale ID’s te creëren.

Tommy Leas, ook bekend als DJ PLS & TY, heeft Foundation, het op Ethereum gebaseerde kunst- en cultuurplatform, gebruikt om zijn vinyl „Very Special“ EP te lanceren . Het platform verkoopt tokens die kopers kunnen inwisselen voor een fysiek goed, waardoor de prijs stijgt in overeenstemming met de vraag. Leas begon zijn record in beperkte oplage op $ 50. Twaalf verkopen later wordt het verkocht voor $ 68,27.

Als die prijs als een koopje klinkt, hoor je wat een Tesla-medewerker onlangs hoorde. De werknemer werd benaderd door iemand die hen $ 1 miljoen aan Bitcoin aanbood in ruil voor het plaatsen van malware op de computers van Tesla. De hacker was van plan $ 4 miljoen te eisen om de gestolen gegevens van het bedrijf niet online te publiceren. Maar de werknemer vertelde de FBI en werkte samen met de politie om de hacker in de val te lokken. Een Russische staatsburger, Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, is aangeklaagd.

Ondanks het feit dat er zulke eerlijke werknemers zijn, is de aandelenkoers van Tesla niet geweldig geweest . Het aandeel daalde in een dag met 4,7 procent, na het besluit van het bedrijf om aandelen te verkopen om kapitaal aan te trekken. Zoom zoomde echter 41 procent in een dag omhoog. Dat zorgt dit jaar voor een stijging van 571 procent.

En tot slot zullen de Troetelbeertjes zich bij Cryptokitties en Atari voegen in de blockchain-gebaseerde gamingwereld The Sandbox. Het speelgoed uit de jaren tachtig zal NFT’s uitbrengen die spelers kunnen gebruiken in de Care-a-Lot-omgeving. Wie had dat kunnen voorspellen?

Bitcoin Holding Sentiment Strongest in bijna twee jaar tijd

De Bitcoin-reserves zijn gedaald tot een dieptepunt van 21 maanden, een mogelijk teken dat investeerders zich opstandig voelen over de vorm van de markt.

  • Uit de gegevens van Glassnode blijkt dat het aantal bitcoins in ruiladressen met 0,83% is gedaald tot 2.610.278 BTC op maandag, het laagste niveau sinds 24 november 2018.
  • Beleggers hebben de neiging om digitale activa uit hun portemonnee te halen en op de beurs te plaatsen wanneer ze het vertrouwen in de huidige koersbeweging verliezen, zodat ze deze gemakkelijk kunnen verkopen.
  • In de dagen voorafgaand aan de Black Thursday sale off, toen de bitcoin met 40% crashte, schommelden de ruilsaldi met 2% tot een hoogtepunt van 2.947.555 FTK.
  • Maar de bitcoin heeft sindsdien aan een hoogte van 13 maanden van $12.400 op Maandag geschommeld en is momenteel omhoog 200% van de $3.867 laag het aan vijf maanden geleden viel.
  • Als dusdanig, zijn de uitwisselingssaldi onderaan 1.4% tijdens de afgelopen week, en bijna 3% in de laatste maand. De saldi zijn gedaald met meer dan 11% van de hoogte van 13 maart in de perstijd.
  • De prijsstijgingen komen ondanks dat bitcoin steeds meer overbought is op de wekelijkse chart relative strength index (RSI) – een indicator die traders helpt om de tekenen van overbought en oversold markten te herkennen.
  • eToro-analist Simon Peters vertelde CoinDesk: „Lagere BTC-spotbeursbalans wijst op een huidige holdingmentaliteit onder beleggers, ik zie dit als behoorlijk bullish.“

Bitmain viivästää Bitcoin-kaivosmiesten toimittamista kolmella kuukaudella perustajataisteluina taistellessaan yrityksen valvonnasta

Bitmain on viivästyttänyt Antminer-bitcoin-kaivoskoneidensa lähettämistä kolmella kuukaudella, koska perustajien, Jihan Wun ja Micree Zhan Ketuanin, välinen rynnäkkö yrityksen hallitsemiseksi kiristyy.

Mukaan postitse siitä Bitmain virallista WeChat tilille, Peking-pohjainen Bitcoin kaivosmies Maker sanoi asiakkaita, joiden tilaukset olivat koska toimitus kesä-heinäkuussa on odotettava, kunnes syyskuussa ja lokakuussa

Laitteet tilataan yleensä kolme kuukautta ennen toimitusta. Tämä tarkoittaa, että siirretyt siirrot on saatettu tilata maaliskuun ympäri, mikä tekee tästä kalliiden kuuden kuukauden odotuksen kyseisille bitcoinikaivoskaivoksille.

Bitcoin Code kertoi torstai-ilmoituksessa, että viivästyminen johtuu „ulkoisesta puuttumisesta yhtiön johtoon“. Jihan Wun ryhmän on kuulemma hallitsevan yhtiön Wechat-tiliä.

Yhtiö tarjoaa asiakkailleen kaksi vaihtoehtoa korvauksena viivästyksistä. Ensinnäkin asiakkaat voivat kirjoittaa Bitmainille pyytääkseen toimitusten nopeata seurantaa. Jos he eivät saa laitteita 60 päivän kuluessa pyynnön esittämisestä, asiakkaat voivat pyytää palautusta.

Toinen vaihtoehto sisältää käteiskuponkeja, jotka vastaavat teoreettista kaivostuottoa nykyisen ja tosiasiallisen toimituspäivän välillä. Näitä kuponkeja voidaan käyttää tulevien tilauksien maksamiseen. Näitä kahta vaihtoehtoa ei voida käyttää yhdessä.

Wu ja Micree Zhan käyvät tällä hetkellä katkeraa taistelua Bitmainin hallinnasta. Kaksi perustajaa johti yritystä yhdessä useita vuosia, mutta Wu aloitti Zhanin poistumisen yrityksestä viime lokakuussa kiistanalaisissa olosuhteissa.

Kesäkuussa Kiinan tuomioistuin antoi päätöksen Zhanin hyväksi antamalla hänelle palata valtaansa. Zhan, joka omistaa 37%: n osuuden yrityksestä, on nyt ottanut hallintaansa Bitmainin Shenzhen-pohjaisen toiminnan

Havainto on kuitenkin ilmeisesti alkanut vaikuttaa negatiivisesti Bitmainin toimintaan. Heinäkuussa noin 10.000 Antminers, arvoltaan noin $ 10 miljoonan olivat kuulemma ”varastettu” kaivos- omistamista yhtiön Sisä-Mongoliassa. Joidenkin raporttien mukaan laitteet on siirretty laittomasti.

Bitcoin-kaivosaltaan F2poolin globaali yritysjohtaja Thomas Heller kehotti viimeisimpien operatiivisten hikojen vuoksi kaivostyöntekijöitä vaihtamaan koneisiin, joita käyttävät Bitmainin kilpailijat, kuten Microbt ja Canaan.

La saison de la mousson 2020 et le stress des barrages menacent les mineurs chinois de Bitcoin

Les partisans de la monnaie numérique ont discuté de la saison de la mousson 2020 en Asie de l’Est et de la possibilité qu’elle pourrait faire des ravages sur les grandes opérations minières de bitcoins situées en Chine.

Des estimations récentes indiquent que la Chine possède 50% de la capacité minière mondiale de Bitcoin, mais si les installations minières sont détruites par de fortes pluies et des inondations, le hashrate de Bitcoin Trader pourrait chuter rapidement.

Au cours de la première semaine de juillet, le hashrate du réseau Bitcoin ( BTC ) a touché 125 exhash par seconde (EH / s).

Parallèlement à cela, le prix de l’actif cryptographique oscille dans la région de 9000 $ depuis un certain temps maintenant

Depuis le 7 juillet, le hashrate de BTC est passé de 125 EH / s à environ 110 EH / s le 21 juillet , perdant 12% de hashpower. D’autres actifs SHA256 tels que bitcoinsv ( BSV ) et bitcoin cash ( BCH ) ont également une part décente de hashrate provenant de Chine.

La saison de la mousson 2020 et le stress des barrages menacent les mineurs chinois de Bitcoin
Le hashrate du Bitcoin ( BTC ) était de 110 EH / s le 21 juillet 2020.
À l’heure actuelle, la Chine et de nombreux pays d’Asie de l’Est souffrent d’une très mauvaise saison de la mousson.

Un certain nombre de bitcoiners ont parlé des effets dévastateurs de la saison de la mousson, des fortes pluies et des inondations sur les opérations minières chinoises. Par exemple, Daniel Frumkin a tweeté sur le sujet le 21 juillet, après avoir retweeté une déclaration écrite par Nic Carter.

Le fondateur de Coin Metrics Nic Carter et le fondateur d’Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeester discutaient de «la situation (potentielle) avec le barrage des Trois Gorges» sur Twitter.

Remarquant sur le sujet, Frumkin a tweeté :

Un autre exemple de la séparation entre l’exploitation minière et le reste de l’industrie Bitcoin. Avec environ 50% du hashrate de BTC situé dans le Sichuan, les implications de graves inondations et de ruptures de barrages sont potentiellement énormes. C’est un sujet majeur dans la bulle minière depuis des semaines.

Les scientifiques ont retracé le climat puissant à un «point chaud du réchauffement dans l’océan Indien» et la Chine a connu des «inondations historiques». L’une des plus grandes préoccupations de la Chine est la tension du barrage des Trois Gorges, car la structure a été battue cette saison de mousson.

Le barrage des Trois Gorges est le plus grand barrage hydroélectrique existant. Le Sichuan abrite également la plus grande concentration d’opérations minières de bitcoins au monde.

Le Sichuan est situé en amont du barrage des Trois Gorges et il existe de nombreuses autres rivières et affluents plus petits qui peuvent également inonder la région. Les experts estiment que le hotspot à haute pression dans l’océan Pacifique crée des quantités massives de condensation qui entraîne de fortes précipitations.

Pagos de Bitcoin Startup Zap asegura 3,5 millones de dólares

Zap, una empresa nueva para los pagos de Bitcoin con la asociación Visa, recaudó silenciosamente 3,5 millones de dólares en una ronda de lanzamiento completada en abril de este año.

Como informó Forbes, la ronda de financiación fue dirigida por Green Oaks Capital y acompañada por Morgan Creek y el defensor de Bitcoin System Anthony Pompliano. Antes de la ronda de financiación, la puesta en marcha fue iniciada por la familia de su fundador, Jack Mallers.
El público más diverso hasta ahora en FMLS 2020 – Donde las finanzas se encuentran con la innovación

Zap es una de las muchas startups de pago de Bitcoin en el mercado, pero destaca entre la multitud por el uso de Lightning Network, que asegura la liquidación de transacciones de forma instantánea en lugar del habitual tiempo de confirmación de bloque de 10 minutos a través de la red principal de Bitcoin.

Esto también reducirá significativamente los honorarios de transacción incluso en caso de congestión de la red, ya que las confirmaciones se hacen por medio de una cadena lateral.

Mallers explicó la base de clientes de Zap, Mallers dijo a la publicación: „Uno de los primeros casos de uso para nosotros son los creadores de contenido. Los periodistas o los streamers de videojuegos o los actores y actrices de películas para adultos que crean perfiles apoyados por nuestra infraestructura, y cualquier persona en el mundo puede darles una propina“.

„Nuestros actuales usuarios nunca saben que usamos Bitcoin cuando usan dólares. Es como si lo hubiéramos fundido en el fondo… Creo que decenas de millones de personas usarán este material en los próximos años, y todo lo que se necesita es un poco de capital.

Los ojos en la ampliación del negocio

Tras la nueva ronda de financiación, Mallers pretende ampliar la empresa. También admitió que aunque es un experto en el mercado de la tecnología y de Bitcoin, no tiene experiencia en la ampliación de un negocio y por lo tanto necesita la participación de los inversores.

La puesta en marcha de Bitcoin llegó a los titulares el mes pasado cuando fue aceptada en el programa Fast Track de Visa, lo que le llevó a lanzar una tarjeta etiquetada con Visa en un año. Según el fundador, uno de los productos ya está en proceso de lanzamiento para los próximos meses.

Kingdom Trust Nomina Fidelity Digital Assets per il custode Bitcoin dell’IRA di sua scelta

L’AUM di Fidelity, che si aggira intorno agli 8,1 trilioni di dollari, potrebbe ora trovare la sua strada in Bitcoin dopo che il gestore del fondo statunitense ha segnalato un probabile passaggio alle attività digitali.

Kingdom Trust ha nominato Fidelity Digital Assets

Kingdom Trust ha nominato Fidelity Digital Assets per alimentare il suo conto pensionistico Choice, lanciato di recente, che dispone di una serie di attività tra cui Bitcoin.

Fidelity agirà come depositario esecutivo, fornendo quindi servizi di conservazione a freddo ai clienti di Kingdom Trust Choice con una parte di Bitcoin Evolution agevolati dal punto di vista fiscale nel loro portafoglio. Questa mossa segna un’importante pietra miliare nel debutto dei servizi di criptaggio di Fidelity nel mercato retail, dopo essersi focalizzata sui clienti di livello istituzionale negli ultimi due anni.

La responsabile vendite e marketing di Fidelity – Christine Sandler – ha aggiunto quanto segue:

„Da quando siamo entrati nel mercato meno di due anni fa, abbiamo visto un significativo progresso nell’infrastruttura a supporto degli investitori in beni digitali, e un’evoluzione nella gamma di investitori che adottano beni digitali nei loro portafogli“.

Grazie a questa collaborazione, gli investitori retail che desiderano ritirarsi con una certa quantità di Bitcoin possono fare leva su Choice e avere le loro chiavi private memorizzate da Fidelity Digital Assets. L’AUM di Fidelity, che ammonta a circa 8,1 trilioni di dollari, potrebbe ora trovare la sua strada in Bitcoin dopo che il gestore del fondo statunitense ha segnalato un probabile passaggio alle attività digitali. Ryan Radloff, l’amministratore delegato di Kingdom Trust, ha sottolineato che ora sarebbe un buon momento per salire sul carro di BTC.

„Per chiunque stesse considerando Bitcoin come parte del proprio portafoglio pensionistico, ma stesse aspettando che l’infrastruttura maturasse e che i nomi familiari entrassero nello spazio, quel giorno è oggi“.

Mentre Fidelity Digital Assets aveva già esteso i suoi servizi

Mentre Fidelity Digital Assets aveva già esteso i suoi servizi alle istituzioni già nel 2018, la collaborazione con Kingdom Trust sarà la prima volta in cui i conti IRA autogestiti potranno accedere pienamente ai suoi servizi di custodia criptata. Tuttavia, i titolari dei conti di Kingdom Trust Choice potrebbero anche scegliere di investire i loro beni digitali all’interno dei conti di deposito o di custodirli privatamente attraverso una soluzione alimentata da Casa.

Il Radloff di Kingdom Trusts è ottimista sul fatto che Bitcoin sia solo il primo asset digitale ad essere integrato nella loro collaborazione con Fidelity Digital Assets:

„Custodiamo 20.000 beni unici, e la maggior parte di questi sono beni alternativi … Bitcoin è il primo bene che stiamo facendo insieme a Fidelity Digital Assets, ma non mi aspetto che sia l’ultimo“.